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Meet Our New Pilots: Summer 2016

Please welcome our new volunteer pilots to the LightHawk family. In 2015, our network of pilots flew more than 400 missions, getting 1,634 eyes in the sky over 99 projects with 129 partnerships.


John Sandvig

Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
Aircraft: F33 Bonanza
Profession: Retired Boeing engineer


Tim Timmons

Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.
Aircraft: Cessna 150
Profession: Assistant chief flight instructor at Cochise College in Douglas, Ariz.
Other: Retired Army communications specialist


Bette Gardner

Hometown: Morgan Hill, Calif.
Aircraft: Columbia LC42
Profession: Principal, Healthworks  


Jeff Hinkle

Hometown: Arvada, Colo. 
Aircraft: Stinson 108-3
Profession: Delta Airlines pilot


Scott Cianchette

Hometown: Hermon, Maine
Aircraft: P35 Bonanza
Profession: Retired Continental Airlines pilot