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Our Strategic Plan

In September 2014, LightHawk's Board of Directors approved our LightHawk Strategic Plan setting a course for developing a new conservation strategy. The plan sets forth our refined mission, long range vision of success and core values. It also identifies four goals to reach within three years and plans to reach those ambitious goals.

Our first goal is to engage in thirty of the top conservation projects in North and Central America as active partners in planning, executing and evaluating conservation strategies to accelerate conservation success. Engaging in this way empowers us to proactively select projects and design integrated and effective flight campaigns. 

Click here to read the complete LightHawk Strategic Plan PDF

LightHawk will apply its experience in conservation planning early in our partners’ project development to help them identify their desired outcomes and plan strategies to fully engage the power of flight. We utilize Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation to guide this process and be systematic about planning, implementing, and monitoring our conservation initiatives.