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ES What are the insurance requirements for using a rented or borrowed aircraft to conduct LightHawk flights?

There are important steps that must be taken before you can fly a rented or borrowed aircraft for LightHawk, and these steps are challenging to complete without adequate lead-time. If your own aircraft is inoperable, renting or borrowing on short notice is not usually an option.

In advance of flying a rented or borrowed aircraft, you will need to provide LightHawk with proof of insurance that demonstrates that you, as the user, and any passengers aboard are covered to the same liability limits required to be carried on aircraft owned by LightHawk volunteer pilots (USD 1 million per incident, $100,000 minimum per person). In addition, LightHawk must be named as an "additional insured," just as is required for pilots who fly their own planes.

Pilots who rent usually handle this by acquiring a renters or non-owned aircraft liability policy. LightHawk must be added to their renter’s policy as an additional insured.