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ES Can I fly for LightHawk in regions other than my home region?

LightHawk occasionally seeks volunteer pilots who are willing to fly outside their home region and have sufficient experience and appropriate equipment for conditions that may involve mountain, remote area or over-water flying. Some considerations associated with flying in different regions are outlined below. In addition, see special criteria for flying for LightHawk in Latin America. If you are interested in flying in another region and feel you have the appropriate experience and skills, please contact the program manager for that region to begin a discussion.

Mountain flying conditions

Pilots flying missions in mountainous areas of the Rockies and Pacific regions should have substantial experience with:

  • Weather considerations unique to mountainous areas
  • Density altitude and its effects on allowable takeoff weight and rate of climb
  • Mountain wave activity and turbulence
  • Higher performance aircraft (235 horsepower or better or turbo-power)

Other special flying conditions

Pilots may encounter less familiar flying conditions and may need to cope with new distractions in large congested urban areas under constant ATC control; in remote areas; or during lower altitude flying and flights for photo documentation. Desirable assets might include:

  • Excellent radio skills and ability to navigate by dead-reckoning and pilotage
  • Experience at short/soft field techniques and slower than cruise flight
  • Survival equipment and supplies
  • Ability to fly with an open a window or door off