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Terri Watson addresses the LightHawk community in front of a restored warbird at the annual Fly-In held at Teton Aviation Center in Driggs, ID.
Terri Watson has been named as executive director of LightHawk beginning September 8, 2015. She recently attended the LightHawk Fly-In in Driggs, Idaho and met with supporters, volunteer pilots, conservation partners, as well as LightHawk’s board of directors and staff...... Read more »
Mt. Rainer looms in the background of Puget Sound. image: TPL/LightHawk
More great news from the flight line! We learned $4 million will go towards conserving sustainable forests in Puget Sound. Aerial images from a LightHawk flight promoted informed decision-making in potential funders by demonstrating the full context and scale of the...... Read more »
Longtime volunteer pilot Rick Durden was announced as a 2015 Endeavor Award recipient. The Endeavor Awards celebrate and honor volunteer pilots and provide support to the organizations that coordinate their gifts of flight to serve those in need. Every year thousands of...... Read more »
POPA (Pilatus Owners and Pilots Association) Magazine shares the story of how LightHawk volunteer pilots Jim Houser and Michael Baum used their aircraft to help three orphaned cougar cubs. Read the article here .... Read more »
LightHawk Flies to Help Save Endangered Porpoise - Survival of the Vaquita (Phocoena sinus) Hangs in the Balance LightHawk has begun flying monthly aerial surveys over the northern Gulf of California to save the critically endangered vaquita ( Phocoena sinus ) whose...... Read more »
LightHawk Receives AOPA Foundation Giving Back Grant $10,000 Award Elevates Pilot Recruitment Efforts The AOPA Foundation, which is the charitable arm of AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), named LightHawk as a 2013 grant recipient along with nine other aviation...... Read more »
National Geographic NewsWatch: After coursing through its delta for nearly eight weeks, the fresh waters of the Colorado River have touched the high tides of the salty sea. It is the first time in sixteen years that the Colorado River, which flows 1,450 miles (2,334...... Read more »
Colorado River meets the Gulf of California waters for the first time in decades. Sonoran Institute with aerial support from LightHawk
Colorado River Reunited with Gulf of California Five Years and over 100 Donated Flights Pays off for Public Benefit Flying Group LightHawk celebrates history being made as the Colorado River finally meets Gulf of California waters for the first time in many years. Since...... Read more »
It's a short boat ride for fisherman leaving King Harbor in Redondo Beach, bottom, to the rich fishing waters at Rocky Point in Palos Verdes Estates, near top. The Catalina Islands are in the background. Steve McCrank/Daily Breeze/LightHawk
In this story from Southern California Public Radio, researchers find you don’t see a lot of party boats out fishing for fun on a Tuesday. Find out what they do see and why it matters. Or listen to the story by clicking here .... Read more »
Stranded loggerhead turtle "Capt. Crunch" wait for its flight south with LightHawk. image: Christen Goguen/
WBUR's The Animalist reports on a LightHawk wildlife survival flight which helped three endangered sea turtles return to the sea. The story was broadcast on National Public Radio's Here and Now program.... Read more »