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Who We Are

LightHawk believes in the power of the big picture. That's why our 501 (c)(3) non-profit leverages the skill and generosity of over 200 volunteer pilots to benefit conservation projects. We believe seeing our world from above causes people to care about what they witness from the air and stirs them into action when they return to the ground.

We partner with conservation groups in the US, Canada, Central America and Mexico and donate our services at no charge so they can employ flight to protect land, water and wildlife.

Our values:

A healthy planet - We value the earth and the living things that depend upon it.

Solution-oriented action -We value action. We are compelled to protect the health of our water, air, and land, and to sustain the diverse ecosystems that comprise the earth.

The aerial perspective - We value the unique view of the earth provided by flight. The information and images gathered from above help inform and educate. They also serve as checks and balances to monitor those who safeguard our natural resources.

Balanced approaches - We value problem-solving approaches that consider the needs of human society and the natural world.

Collaboration - We value the organizations and individuals that strive in responsible ways to protect the earth, including its natural places, its flora and its fauna. We value collaborative problem solving approaches that engage partners in achieving individual and shared conservation goals.

Making a difference - We value our ability to make a difference in a conservation debate. This requires that we maintain an effective, flexible, and sustainable organization able to benefit from the contributions of our volunteers while remaining focused on our mission and goals.

Safety - We value safety in the air and on the ground.