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The proposed Enbridge pipeline would have been built less than 10 kilometers north of this location. Photo by Neil Ever Osborne. Aerial photography was made possible by LightHawk and pilot Steven Garman.

The Canadian government has officially put the last nail in the coffin of a plan to carry Alberta tar sands oil through a new 730-mile oil pipeline dangerously close British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest. LightHawk has... »

Dawn arrives upon the newly protected Boulder-White Clouds wilderness. Photo: Alexandria Bombach/Red Reel Video

It was daybreak and Dani Mazzotta climbed aboard. Her LightHawk pilot that day, Michael Schaffer, lifted her gradually until the signs of humanity — roads, houses, power lines — began to disappear. Ahead were the Boulder-... »

 The High Divide straddles Idaho and Montana, is the headwaters of two major watersheds and is an essential wildlife corridor in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. As one of LightHawk’s Strategic Initiatives, the High Divide area is home to many important issues, including protecting land corridors, open spaces, river health and wildlife migration. Photo: Courtesy of The High Divide film

“You don’t want to be part of something that’ll be lost in your generation.” Merrill Beyeler couldn’t believe the news about the stream flowing through his ranch. The eastern Idaho basin where he lives was once rich in... »