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Point Dume's coastline is now a State Marine Reserve under the December 15, 2010 ruling.  Photo: Kip Evan Photography with aerial support by LightHawk

Last week, after years of stakeholder meetings, negotiations, heated discussions and scientific study, the members of California’s Fish and Game Commission voted to set aside small swaths of the ocean between Point... »

The large, unbroken swath of rainforest that is the Bladen Forest Reserve in Belize is home to big carnivores and small herbivores alike. Photo courtesy: John P. Kennedy

Twenty-five years ago the aerial perspective helped change hearts and minds and a remarkable 100,000-acre pristine jungle in Belize was protected. Those donated LightHawk flights allowed key government officials to see this... »

A Male bobcat that has been tracked from the air by the University of New Hampshire and LightHawk. Photo: Heidi Chester

LightHawk takes radio-tracking technology to the New Hampshire skies to monitor two species that are ecological barometers for effective conservation. Understanding the needs of wildlife is critical to effectively protecting... »