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Michael and Kimberly Baum.

On a cold and windy February day, Volunteer Pilot Michael Baum and his daughter Kimberly embarked on a cross-country journey from their home in Los Altos, CA. The mission, which was donated through LightHawk, enabled the... »

Whooping cranes with nest.

Stiff Headwinds They almost didn't make it. In 1941, after widespread draining of their wetland habitat and hunting cranes for food, feathers and sport, only 21 whooping cranes (Grus americana) remained. And these birds... »

photo of Cypress: Jill Lute/Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary

Alone in the Wild The soft cries of the 12-week old mountain lion cubs were not bringing their mother running back to them. She had been killed under a California Department of Fish & Game depredation permit after a San... »