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VP Rick Durden with passengers prior to a manatee survey in Belize. image: Tony Rath

"Flying for LightHawk not plain vanilla..." Rick says in this video produced for the 2015 Endeavor Awards. Rick was recently recognized for his 20+ years volunteer flying for LightHawk. Congratulations, Rick! »

Celebrating the pulse flow of water arriving in the Colorado River Delta. image: Andy Quinn

Recollections from volunteer pilot Bob Allen . I joined LightHawk in 2011 shortly after retiring. One of my first flights involved flying the Colorado River Delta for Sonoran Institute, and there I became acquainted with the... »

Pilot Bob Allen.

Over huevos rancheros at a Tucson breakfast spot, we caught up with volunteer pilot Bob Allen. LightHawk: How did you get your start as a pilot? Bob Allen: I learned to fly at Harvey Young Airport in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1983... »