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A boat attempts to collect oil from the spill by skimming it with booms near Breton Island, which has a nesting colony of Brown Pelicans. Photo: Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace/LightHawk

At LightHawk, we always carefully weigh the conservation value of posting a mission against the resources used. In light of the recent horrendous events in the Gulf of Mexico, we have become even more conscious about our use... »

Mark Menlove of Winter Wildlands Alliance points to a wolf track on the airstrip next to LightHawk's C185. Photo: John Robison/Idaho Conservation League.

Every day, from Alaska to Panama, LightHawk missions provide new perspectives on conservation issues. Typically, these insights and observations come courtesy of the aerial view, which reveals the true condition of... »

Cabo Pulmo National Park along Baja's East Cape. A mega-development project adjacent to the park threatens this marine protected area. photo: Ralph Lee Hopkins/LightHawk

For the past 16 years Ralph Lee Hopkins has led expeditions from the Arctic to the Antarctic and points in between as founder and director of Lindblad Photo Expeditions, a tour provider for National Geographic that promises... »