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Lighthawk passengers (from left) Kenton Onstad, Theodora Bird Bear, and Bobbie Larson (far right) speak with Rae Ann Williams of Dakota Resource Council (second from right) about their LightHawk flight. Photo courtesy Chris Boyer.

The Mandan people moved northwest from the Ohio Valley and settled in what is now northwestern North Dakota around 1250. They were joined by the Arikara and Hidatsa people in the 1400s and eventually the three groups united... »

Ancient Mayan temples rise above the dense jungles in Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reserve. credit:  George Simchuk/LightHawk

Walking through the dense jungle forests of northern Guatemala, LightHawk Mesoamerica Program Manager Armando Ubeda could easily walk right by a huge Mayan temple just ten feet away without ever having a clue it was there... »

Videographers called on LightHawk to bring images of the Nisqually River Delta to their production documenting the "before", shown here, and the after-the-dikes-are-breeched states of the estuary. Many of the delta's sloughs are dry and muddy as tidal flows do not reach them. credit: Ben Nieves/NarrativeLab Communications/LightHawk

More than 100 years ago, the tides were held back in the southern end of Puget Sound and wetlands became farmland. Five miles of man-made dikes stopped saltwater from mingling with fresh in the Nisqually Delta so that the... »