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ACES founders Cherie and Vince Rose go to many places to rescue wayward crocodiles

LightHawk flights can help change hearts and minds about the natural environment, and they can help gather data about species. Flights often persuade decision makers and inspire media to illuminate conservation battles. But... »

LightHawk flights are helping scientists fill in the blanks about charismatic species such as the spotted eagle ray.  Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For as much as we know about Canis familiaris, the family dog, it would come as quite a shock to discover that when we sleep, instead of curling up at our feet as we assume, they crack the spine of some weighty tome and open... »

The Sacred Headwaters, British Columbia is known as the "Serengeti of the North" as it supports one of the largest intact predator-prey systems in North America. Photo: Paul Colangelo with aerial support by LightHawk

There is a special place in the remote northern reaches of British Columbia where the Yellowstone to Yukon region meets the boreal forest. Home to caribou, stone sheep, moose, mountain goats, grizzlies and wolves, this is... »