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Big Garden and Big White Islands off the coast of M aine are monitored by The Nature Conservancy's Maine chapter with the help of LightHawk volunteer pilots. photo: Dan Grenier/TNC with aerial support from LightHawk

Against all odds, the fastest growing conservation movement in the United States isn’t very glamorous and garners little national attention. It is typically rooted in the communities served and is entirely voluntary. Private... »

Wetland structure in the foreground is juxtaposed b y development and a golf course in the upper left. Photo: Joanna Lemly/CNHP with aerial support from LightHawk

As a record snowpack in Colorado’s high country begins to melt and the Cache la Poudre River starts its annual rise, cities and towns in northern Colorado are embroiled in an argument about the future of the river. Starting... »

Annie's Rock, a popular vantage point for Cold Canyon hikers. photo courtesy of Tuleyome

For volunteer pilot Bill Rush, the Lake Berryessa area in northern California has always been a special place. As a teenager, he spent his summer days working on the boat docks and playing at the lake. That same lake is now... »