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Chris Crisman holding tight to his camera.

This guest post from photographers on assignment for The Nature Conservancy Magazine takes them to a place where they’ve never made pictures before. It's a place that afforded a truly unique and inspiring point of view, and... »

Downtown Phoenix, AZ and northern sprawl. Rachel Glass with aerial support from LightHawk

Video from a LightHawk flight shows energy corridors and the rivers, mountains and lakes north and west of Phoenix, Arizona. Passengers from Defenders of Wildlife and the Arizona Solar Working Group will use the information... »

Volunteer pilot Jim Houser in the cockpit for the cougar flight. image: Sarah Kitzmann/LightHawk

Join the westbound leg of a wildlife survival flight as presented by budding videographer, Sarah Kitzmann. In March 2014, volunteer pilots Jim Houser (Charlotte, NC) and Mike Baum (Palo Alto, CA) donated flights to help... »