LightHawk's mission is to accelerate conservation success through the powerful perspective of flight.

We achieve our mission by mobilizing volunteer pilots, photographers, environmental experts, and storytellers to make images, collect data, inform the public and share their experiences. Our flight campaigns foster dialogue and build consensus, promote informed decision-making, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our conservation partners' work.

LightHawk brings coordinated flight campaigns to those working on the ground. We do this through our network of generous supporters and highly skilled volunteer pilots. By making flights available to those working on the ground to protect our natural world, we enable our partners in conservation to quickly and efficiently understand environmental issues and determine the factors needed to promote effective solutions.


Vast landscapes, remote areas, even areas in your own backyard are brought closer and seen more clearly from the window of a small aircraft. The aerial perspective provides a unique overview of the places we live, work and play illuminating the opportunities and challenges they face. aprender más »Learn More »

Freshwater and Rivers

From a thousand feet above the earth, LightHawk volunteer pilots fly along watersheds from source to sea. Passengers on board gain a deeper understanding about our precious freshwater systems and how they function as they move through the landscape.

Flying over watersheds alert us to activities happening upstream, over the hill or far below the ground. Information and images gathered from the air empower us to preserve clean water for people and nature. aprender más »Learn More »

Oceans, Reefs & Coastlines

Flight reveals the interplay of land and sea in ways that are otherwise impossible to comprehend. Flying offshore brings coastal areas into focus and makes the connection between what we do on land and its effect on oceans, reefs and coastlines. Without the aerial perspective, it would be easy to imagine the ocean as limitless and immune from human activities. LightHawk flights have the power to illuminate the issues that impact these waters and allow caring people to make a big difference. aprender más »Learn More »


LightHawk provides new ways to study animals, understand their habitat and overcome the obstacles they face to survive. 

From 1,000 feet up, the land reveals the most likely places where animals roam, feed, and raise their young. This perspective also makes clear where to focus efforts to protect valuable habitat. Aerial telemetry and surveys helped biologists to track black bears, scarlet macaws, sharks, steelhead and other wildlife.

LightHawk volunteer pilots also help endangered and threatened species by donating wildlife survival flights to move valuable individuals for breeding, education and release into the wild. aprender más »Learn More »


Close your eyes and imagine we begin high above the land with a long sweeping aerial setting the scene. So many stories start this way because it’s a powerful and effective way to put issues into context. We provide flights that help tell the most pressing environmental stories, engaging audiences and inspiring action.

By sharing the aerial perspective from a small aircraft, LightHawk empowers media-makers to clarify complex environmental issues and provide audiences with a visceral level of understanding. As one passenger said after their LightHawk flight, "If a picture is worth a thousand words, a flight is worth a million." aprender más »Learn More »